For more than 16 years Buzzhoney has been helping its clients kill it with digital marketing. It’s what we know, it’s what we do. It’s the reason we were founded from out of the ash heap known as the dot-com era. As companies go, we’re digital natives you might say. We work with cool startups and some of the world’s largest brands.


When you need the assurance of a proven and tested partner, but the scrappiness and creativity of a boutique, we’re here to make you look great!


Go ahead, poke around. If you see something you like or have a question don’t hesitate to ring us up at 877-861-7314. Operators are standing by!

Get New Customers

(and keep the old ones happy)
What if you could easily connect with, persuade and build a lasting relationship with more and more customers? (spoiler alert: you can and you will!) And while not as intoxicating as the fresh smell of a new customer, old customers’ money spends the same. Let’s throw a little marketing love their way and see what happens.

Look Like a $Billion

(you have seconds to impress!)
While for some of our clients looking like a $Billion would be a downgrade, it could come in handy for the rest of you. We’re standing by to polish your image and light up your digital presence. Let’s face it, the first thing you’re judged by is your effective use of QR codes and your MySpace page. (kidding;)

Tame The Chaos

(not all heroes wear capes)
Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder or launching the next Uber, marketing doesn’t have to be an American-Ninja-style, obstacle course. Even with a new shiny object coming each month, we can help you focus on what works and simplify the unsimplifiable. Yeah, that’s a word. I think.

Digital marketing services by the pound or the ton

So what’s it gonna be? Killer App? Targeted Facebook Ads? Video Storytelling? Nurturing Campaign?


Whether you need to convert new customers (cha-ching!) or build a tighter bond with those you have (cha-ching, cha-ching!), we’ve got a big idea for you and your team 😉

Our Clients Make Us Blush