joining the Buzzhoney team

A couple of things you should know about us before you submit your resume:

We are proud of our work with some great clients. However, it is important you know up front that our clients are not the logos, the faceless corporate entities. Our clients are actual human beings with real names who go home to their loved ones at night, worrying about real problems, personal and professional. They have real aspirations in and out of their jobs. We work for them.

Our work product is meant to help our real-people clients create marketing programs that connect and communicate with their real-people customers. They’re not a database of “users” or “segments” we need to efficiently target. They also have similar, but altogether different problems, hopes, and aspirations as #1 above.

Our team is made up of, you guessed it… humans.

Sensing a theme here?

We’re people too. We’ve got our own challenges, idiosyncrasies, and desires. We wake up hoping to make an impact on our little corner of the world. As a team, we respect each other and want to do our best work. We want to be challenged and inspired to do amazing things. Most importantly, we want to inspire our clients and their teams to do big things.

We are here to apply our talent, hard work and sense of empathy for the real people around. In doing so, we’ll prove that success in marketing is more than mastering algorithms, but through inspired creative work and empathy for each other.

Wow, that came out sappier than intended.

The point is if you want to work with Buzzhoney you need to know where we are coming from.

We want sharp, ambitious people, sure. But those with a sense of humanity and empathy.

Couple of other things we are looking for in our next superstar:

  • A positive, make-it-happen attitude is the most important criteria for working here at Buzzhoney. (Truth be told, we don’t like to be around sourpusses or whiners)

  • An intense curiosity and hunger to learn, no matter your age.

  • A demonstrable history of self-startership. (yeah, I made that up but it should be word).


Skills are great and all, but the truth is that smart and ambitious team members can learn anything. One thing that’s tough to teach… drive.

One bit of advice for job-seekers: you are applying to work at a marketing company. Yes, you will be judged by how well you promote yourself and understand your audience.

Just sayin’

Hey, please hire me